Screwloose Studios!


Spoony McSpoon's Very Special Christmas Programme

December 2012


The unorthodox wooden chef gets his hands dirty for a very festive new recipe!

Reginald P. Hobblegobble & the Case of the Missing Corpses

January 2011


My Short Film project follows the exploits of the eponymous Reginald P. Hobblegobble as he investigates sneaky goings on in Trophingham Manor!

The No-Chance Romance

May 2012


My graduation film from waaaay back in 2012!

It changed and evolved so much during production that it no longer embodied the intentions I had hoped but I think there are still some decent jokes in it.

Tricks & Stones

May 2011


My final second year film and first full film in 3D shows the likely rivalry of two stage magicians.