Screwloose Studios!


How to Draw - Episode 3

August 2019

A gag cartoon series where I teach you how to draw a variety of unusual things!

The No-Chance Romance

May 2012

My graduation film from waaaay back in 2012!

It changed and evolved so much during production that it no longer embodied the intentions I had hoped but I think there are still some decent jokes in it.

Spoony McSpoon's Very Special Christmas Programme

December 2012

The unorthodox wooden chef gets his hands dirty for a very festive new recipe!

Reginald P. Hobblegobble & the Case of the Missing Corpses

January 2011

My Short Film project follows the exploits of the eponymous Reginald P. Hobblegobble as he investigates sneaky goings on in Trophingham Manor!